Plan B Piano Shells History

Plan B Pianos, LLC was founded in 2006 by Ray L. Wheeler, a long-time professional entertainer and recording artist. Ray enthusiastically set out to invent the perfect piano shell.

In 2021, Plan B Pianos moved to our current location in Mundelein, Illinois.

Experience & Innovation

From his extensive experience, Ray Wheeler set out to create a new, highly functional piano shell that incorporated the features that every player wants in a shell. It took meticulous hard work and seemingly endless trial and error to achieve true innovation.

Plan B Piano Shells were created to be the most functional and technically advanced piano shells available!

The innovation was worth the effort! By the time U.S. Patent #7,479,591 B2 was awarded ,Plan B Pianos had grown into a viable company. We have shipped our piano shells to hundreds of clients throughout the United States and around the world.

We serve musicians anywhere and everywhere.




 Recording Artists  Composers


Plan B Pianos, LLC continues our innovation with new products, options, and accessories.

Our creativity and capability is endless.

We increasingly serve our growing list of clients in very creative ways. Our production efficiencies ensure the lowest cost and quickest delivery of any piano shells for keyboards on the market.

We stand behind every product we build.