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We manufacture beautiful piano shells for your keyboard. We offer multiple sizes from a 7′ Concert Grand down to a 2′ Micro Grand, Upright Shells and more!

Plan B Piano Shells product line now includes;
Dashboard Design, Leg Options, Pedal Lyres, Prop Tops, Custom Laminates, Custom Wraps, and Travel Cases.

Choose any color, wood grain or creative pattern for your custom-built Plan B Piano Shell.

Unlimited design options to help you create the perfect piano shell!

Check out our gallery for more great Ideas and then request a quote for your own personal piano shell!

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Frequently Asked Question

How much are your piano shells

Our prices start at $995! We offer unlimited design options so your final cost will depend on the size, color, accessories or custom piano shell options you may request.

How long will it take to receive my piano shell?

Plan B Pianos ships our piano shells within 3-7 days from receiving your order. Custom orders may require additional time. Plan B Piano Shells has been known to ship piano shells out the next day!

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards, check, or direct deposit

Will my keyboard fit into all of your piano shells?

Yes. our standard keyboard “tray” is 56” wide. The widest we can make your keyboard tray is 57.5” and this will be wide enough for any 88 key keyboard. We can also customize a more narrow width for your specific keyboard if needed.

What colors are available?

We offer any color or laminate material your mind can imagine. Glossy black & white are the most popular.

What size piano shells do you make?

We offer 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’ & 7’ & three sizes of upright piano shells; 36” tall, 40” tall & 48” tall.

What are the dimensions of the piano shell?

All of our piano shells are 60” wide (where the keyboard goes) the length is determined by the size piano shell. A 4’ piano shell is 48”, a 5’ piano shell is 60” and the body of each piano shell is 13” deep.

How heavy are your piano shells?

The weight will vary depending on the size and features of the piano shell you are looking at. Our 3’ mini grand shell weighs 50 lbs. Please click on your size of piano shell on the website for specific weights.

Does the piano shell show up in pieces?

The shell is one piece but you will have to install the legs.

What material are the piano shells made of?

We use a high-end laminated plywood and various other materials

Our Valued Customers

Plan B Pianos has many national and international recording stars as clients! Clients include: Toto, Shine Down, Palaye Royal, Illenium, Colton Dixon, Billy Joel’s Band, Eric Johnson, SIXX AM, Glass Tiger, Tauren Wells, Richard Marx, Danny Gokey, Devine, LANY, Black Bear and many more!

Check out our impressive list of clients! Plan B Piano Shells are perfect for recording/performing artist, resort casinos, productions companies, churches, entertainment venues, night clubs and your home!

“A Great Find”

“I never knew my keyboard could look so good. What a great find!


“Beautiful Finish”

“The quality says it all. The beautiful finish really brings a whole new level to every event. Every time I show it off, my clients gotta have it.”


“We love the light weight design!”

It’s so easy to pack and  just as quick to set up. We love the light weight design!


“Nothing Compares”

We had a great time entertaining with your piano shell. It was the highlight of the party! Nothing compares to the look of these piano shells.”


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